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滝口かりん Karin Takiguchi
born 1986
live in Yamagata City


tel:08062913512 (Japan)


2011-2014 Musashino Art University (correspondence course) : dropped out!!!
2010-2011 Yamagata Creative Laboratory
2009 passed "Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates"


2016 solo exhibition "29-30" at Sagae City Museum _寒河江市美術館
2016 solo exhibition "R1m" at hiromart gallery tokyo _ヒロマート・ギャラリー
2013 group exhibition "Good Morning World!!!" at Nagayamon Gallery _長屋門ギャラリー
2013 group exhibition "zine-ten" at Ginza Modern Art _銀座モダンアート
2012 solo exhibition "ofuro" at Nagayamon Gallery _長屋門ギャラリー

=video works=

2017 マルチ放電 - 生命線 (cassette single trailer) (youtube) (website)
2016 little wonder "close" (youtube) (website)
2014 abe shunsuke "モヘアについて" (youtube) (website)
2013 camp "transistor" (youtube) (website)
2012 dj cat food "退屈な夜の雷" (youtube) (website)